Key Features of Learning Cities

The framework of the Key Features of Learning Cities, inspired by the UNESCO logo, corresponds to the pediments, columns and foundation steps of the emblem.

The pediment – three areas of focus reflecting the benefits of building a learning city: 
(1) individual empowerment and social cohesion;
(2) economic development and cultural prosperity; and
(3) sustainable development.

The columns – six areas of focus reflecting the major building blocks of a learning city:
(1) inclusive learning in the education system;
(2) re-vitalised learning in families and communities;
(3) effective learning for and in the workplace;
(4) extended use of modern learning technologies;
(5) enhanced quality in learning; and
(6) a vibrant culture of learning throughout life.

The foundational steps - three areas of focus reflecting the fundamental conditions for building a learning city:
(1) strong political will and commitment;
(2) governance and participation of all stakeholders; and
(3) mobilisation and utilisation of resources.